Quran tutoring strategy at Learn Quran Online

We cover Tajweed / Iqra / Quran training 75% and Islamic studies (duas, rules of Salaat, islamic manners, etc) 25% times in each session. 

Step 0: We proceed with 6 books of IQRA to demonstrate Rules of Tajweed clearly. Then we proceed with Juz 30, Important Suras, and engage them momorizing essential suras.

Step 1: We give confidence to the students to read any font types of Arabic used in the Quran Mus’haf. We assist with Color coded Mus’haf to notice & perfect the Tajweed while reading.

Step 2: Thematic Quran: We analyse the very brief background of the Sura and meaning to the Kids.

Example is given below:


Step 4: Explanation of the Suras is presented to the Kids in a more Children-friendly way.

Step 5: Deep Reflections / Tadabbur from the Sura.

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