Rules & Regulations

In Islam, all actions are guided by appropriate laws for the benefit of society. When learning at Learn Quran Online, students must follow certain rules and restrictions:

  • Students are encouraged to be gentle, peaceful, and compassionate.
  • Proper Islamic etiquette is important and students must follow it when interacting with professors and classmates.
  • Punctuality, discipline, and professional conduct are expected, but students should also be friendly, compassionate, and self-controlled.
  • Female students must observe correct hijab when speaking, behaving, and dressing online. They can choose not to activate their webcam and use only voice for instruction.
  • The learning portal and center’s content can only be used for educational purposes and not misappropriated.
  • Students should respect their classmates’ time and space, as well as their instructor at all times and pay attention to their explanations.
  • Regular attendance, completing homework, and submitting assignments (if any) are necessary.
  • Late students should notify the center and the instructor can choose to prolong or reduce the allotted time.
  • Absent students should inform the center in advance to schedule a makeup class.
  • Students should perform ablution before entering the classroom.
  • Female students must observe correct hijab in their speech, behavior, and attire.
  • Students need to bring a notepad and pen or pencil to class to take notes manually from the teacher.
  • The center has the right to revoke a student’s admission for disciplinary violations and poor conduct.