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Fill Up The Form: Interests for Participants for Muslim Youth Voices 2021 (Saturday Dec 4, 2021):




Topic 1: Make a POSTER / MODEL / VIDEO / IMAGE to demonstrate a specific or general event from the Life of Prophet Muhammad (SM). Some examples are given here to get ideas.

However, Participants are encourages to feel free to design any interesting thing.

Topic 2: Prepare an ESSAY

Option 1: Any Islamic Topic you like OR

Option 2: to demonstrate a Quality of the Prophet (sm) (for example, Pick any one from the following quality of Prophet: Integrity, Competence, Vision, Courage, Holistic Justice, Pragmatic decisions, servant leadership, practical wisdom, resilience, compassion, spiritual intelligence, etc) and write an essay How Can you Implement the Quality in your Life in Australia? Participated Students will inshallah JOIN during the Seeratun nabi 2021 Program (October 23, 2021 Inshallah) and give a very brief Lecture on their writings.



Great News! Seeratun Nabi 2021 will commence on 4th December (Saturday) 2021

[ Released on 1st July 2021]

Pick a Prophetic Quality important for our every day life. Write an essay, Talk during the Program. Like last year’s program participated by more than 85 youths & kids around Australia. (Last year’s Seeartun Nabi 2020 program videos: Youth Voices Across Australia, Seeratun Nabi 2020

Also, An scholarship exam for TALENT HUNT of PROPHETIC LIFE STORIES will be happening in Summer holiday 2021 with attractive prizes. More information will be updated soon inshallah.

Dear Youth, Stay tuned in that web-page and be prepared. Learn the life of our Beloved Priphet (sm).

This Program is sponsored by Learn Quran & Arabic Centre, & A Grant under MultiCultural Dept of Australia.

Are we concerned about our next generation?

Statistics shows after 2.5 generations, Muslim generation lose the identity in the West!

Do we want to raise a generation of Goodness who will be the Productive Australian Muslims?

Do we want to get rewards due to the Duas of our Children and generations afterwards while we will be in the grave?

Learn Quran & Arabic Centre organize UNIQUE Kids and Youth Programs to make them engaged and to assist them to become Productive Australian Muslims.



1. Voice of Muslim Youth across Australia: Youths are giving short speech across Australia how to apply a Prophetic quality in their lives 🙂 Mashallah. Enjoy the Seeratun Nabi Program 2020 conducted by Dr Manzur Ashraf. (Oct 31, 2020)

2. Presented by Rashmia Manzur (DUX awardee of Haileybury College, Melbourne), Year 10:

3. Day 1 (Part 1) of Voice of Muslim Youth in Seeratun Nabi Program 2020.

4. Mufti Zeeyad’s Emotional Speech on Life of Prophet’s (sm) Life – Day 1 (Part 2) of Voice of Muslim Youth in Seeratun Nabi Program 2020.

5. Day 3 of Voice of Muslim Youth in Seeratun Nabi Program 2020. Enjoy short talk by kids, Quran recitation, songs & Lectures. Enjoy. (Nov 1, 2020)

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KAHOOT QUIZ on SEERATUN Nabi 2020 Program.
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