Rules & Regulations

Learn Quran Online believes that every action in Islam is governed by proper laws that makes a human disciplined and an asset to society. The rules and regulations to be followed while studying at Learn Quran Online are as follows:

  • Proper Islamic Manner is the key to our Centre. Students must uphold the Islamic manners/ etiquette towards teachers and fellow students.
  • Punctuality, discipline and professional behaviour must always be maintained. However, we value the balance of easygoing, compassion and gentleness with discipline. 
  • The learning portal (website) and materials in the centre must not be misused and should not be used for anything else except for learning purposes.
  • Respect the time and space of your fellow classmate.
  • Respect the teacher always and listen attentively to what he/she explains.
  • Students must attend the class with full sincerity and attempt to accomplish all homework and assignment submissions (if any).
  • The Teacher holds the right to ban any student from the class if he finds any behavioural issues with him or her.
  • Please let the centre know if you are running late. If the student arrives late, the teacher has the right to either extend his time or cut his time. This decision is at the teacher’s discretion.
  • In case a student is absent, the centre must be informed beforehand. If the guardian informs the Centre about his absence before the class, only then will the teacher try to take a makeup class.
  • The Student must never, under any circumstance, share their personal contact details with the teacher or take personal contact details from the teacher. This is a strict integrity issue in this Academy/Institute. Any student found violating this shall be immediately terminated. Along with him, the teacher shall also be terminated if he does not stop the student from doing so. So, remember, your wrong actions will have severe effect on the teacher’s reputation.
  • Every student should try to be in the state of ablution before entering the class.
  • Female students must ensure proper hijab of voice, behaviour and dress. The female student holds the right to deny switching on the webcam, in which case, only audio will be the medium of teaching.
  • The students are expected to bring a note book and a pen/pencil to the class so that they can take down the notes provided by the Teacher. Do not expect the academy to provide you with prepared notes. The key to proper learning is to take down notes from the Teacher manually.
  • The Centre has FULL RIGHT to terminate the admission of any student upon violation of discipline and bad manners / behaviours.


  • Learn Quran Online obliges to give and train with a course curriculum of up-to-date materials and resources catered to develop skills for this world and hereafter. We solely keep rights of content, delivery time, and assessment procedure of both Tajweed lessons and Islamic studies for the students.
  • The Guardian must not sit together with the students inb front of Camera. However, if the student is too young to sit zlong, the guardian can stau beside him or her but not in front of web camera.