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Excellent Quran Tajweed / IQRA Lessons in Melbourne (Victoria) / Sydney (NSW) / Brisbane (Queensland) / Hobart (Tasmania) by Aleem / Aleema. We have both Male and Female Teachers to teach proper tajweed in order to recite Quran fluently.

The linguistic meaning of Tajweed is to ‘beautify something’, ‘proficiency’.  The technical meaning ­ of Tajweed is to give every letter its right with its description and its origination.  When Tajweed is applied to the Qur’an, it means giving every letter of the Qur’an its rights and dues of characteristics when we recite the Qur’an and observing the rules that apply to those letters in different circumstances. According to the scholar, the proof of Tajweed is in Quran in sura Muzzamil, verse-4,

ورتّل القرأن  ترتيلا

The meaning: And recite the Qur’an (aloud) in a (slow and melodious) style (tarteela).Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA) explained the verse as “at-Tarteel is Tajweed of the letters and knowing where to stop”. From the above discussion, the scholars give the opinion that Tajweed is wajib for the Quran reciter.

Generally IQRA books part 1-6 are followed to cover the basic tajweed training.

Major Styles of Quran Tajweed:

There are four major styles of recitation with Tajweed. These styles depend on the speed from the slowest to the fastest. These are:

  • Tahqeeq
  • Tarteel
  • Tadweer
  • Tahdeer

What are the letters of elevation (Isti’la)? 

There are seven heavy letters which are called the letters of elevation (Isti’la).  Isti’la means rising high. When pronouncing these particular seven letters, the back part of the tongues should raise high to the roof to make a heavy sound. These letters are:

ص ض غ ظ ط خ ق

What are the rules of Nun Sakin and Tanween

 Rules of Nun Sakin or Tanween are:

  • Izhaar Halqi
  • Idhgam
  • Iqlaab
  • Ikhfa Haqiqi

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