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Alhamdulillah We conducted a Seeratun Nabi 2020 program across Australia for the Love of beloved Prophet (SM). We bought the Books of Seerah and Tafsir to distribute among 85 participants across Australia. Inshallah we will be publishing an Ebook based on all the essay submissions about Muslim Youth Problems in the West and how to tackle those problems using prophetic qualities. May Allah allow us to make it an yearly event always. May Allah accept our effort and make us all His beloved servants.

Seeratunnabi 2020 prize giving ceremony (for Melbourne south east region only) pictures are shown below. May Allah bless our Children to become the key to goodness.

SEERATUN NABI 2020 AWARD CEREMONY TALK is here:  How to make a Generation of Productive Australian Muslims?

Butterflies of the Jannah (Prophet pbuh named the children using this term!) are studying the Tajweed of Al Quran @Learn Quran & Arabic Centre in the weekend:

Quran Story Time during the Study break by the smallest group of Flowers at Learn Quran & Arabic Centre 😀

Review about the Learn Quran & Arabic Centre from the Guardians & Students:

Being a student at the centre, I feel that each class session is quite engaging and insightful. I have absolutely no problem in keeping up with the lessons and our teacher is just great, Alhamdulillah. Proper recitation and accurate Arabic grammar lessons are the most interesting because we are constantly practising these topics using examples in revision. Also, the experience gained from every class is amazing for learners of all ages.

thumb Sk Saify Ashraf
November 8, 2021

I am really impressed at Quran teaching& Islamic studies demonstration method in awesom way even my own children have been learning progressively.Special thanks to excellent faculty members performing all these. I wish brighter progression of the centre

thumb Zahur Ashraf
November 8, 2021

Alhamdulillah my daughter has been with the Learn Quran & Arabic Centre and started with Iqra learning. I am happy with the teachings of sister Humayra. The classes are on time and the teachings involve Hadith and activity learning. MashAllah I recommend others to the academy.

thumb Liaquath Ali Khan
October 8, 2021

Learn Quran & Arabic center teaching methods are great. I feel lucky I am part of learn Quran & Arabic center, Teacher’s expertise in teaching has put children minds at ease. We are so grateful to have you as our children teacher. It is clear that our children arabic skills have developed considerably while under your care. Thank you for helping them my children to develop the skills and confidence that children will carry forward into the next years. I strongly recommend Learn Quran & Arabic center its very affordable and amazing teaching skills.😊

thumb Shazia Memon
October 8, 2021

My experience has been very good with the academy and the teacher. Engineer Qaari Afsar Ali Chowdhury is an excellent teacher and has really helped me a lot towards enhancing my Quran recitation skills. I highly recommend this service for any one who would like to learn or refine their Quran recitation skills. JazakAllahukhair

thumb Sammy Ahmed
September 8, 2021

My son and I started learning Quran, Hadith and our beautiful religion of Islam about couple of months ago. Big thanks to Dr. Manzur. His knowledge, teaching style, professionalism have simply been top class. I would highly recommend “Learn Quran & Islamic Centre”.

thumb Morshed Alam
July 8, 2021

Brothers and sisters asalamoualaikoum first of all praise to Allah swt who guide me to the Quran learning center. Am very please with my lessons .Alhamdulillah after 8 or 9 lessons am able to read the holly Qur'an with more confident. Very friendly and respectful contact .

thumb reaz kadirjee
July 8, 2021

Thanks for providing what is required at its best with passion and kindness, with depth of knowledge and vision, for the current and next generations.

thumb Asif Alam
March 8, 2021

Alhamdulillah. My kid is really happy that she can relate to what she is learning here. Her teacher is very patient and encourages
children to learn more about our religion.

thumb Fahmida Sultana Santa
March 8, 2021